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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I came across a hunt in SL the other day, figured I would give it a try ... cuz I luvz me some free stuff! Went to the hunts site 
A most unhelpful link, the shops in the hunt did not have a link to port you to the slurl of each shop, that means if you didn't want a certain item and wished to skip it you would have to go back to that site, copy the name of the next shop you did wish to go to and search for the location yourself. A SLurl for everyone who doesn't know is simply a text link to places in SL you want to travel to.
Anyway, you should know what items you would want or do not want to hunt for by looking at them on the Hunt Prize Images link naturally, however that link is dead and just sends back Not Found The URL you requested could not be found error.
I am by no means dissuaded and push on bcuz I still luv the free stuff! 
I get to the starting point and locate the first little cuppycake, click it and then....

                                 5 L???? 
                     THAT is NOT a "prize"!!!!

OK I know its not much, however 50 stores @ 5 L a hit adds up fast and there is still the fact that I'm not willing to pay for something sight unseen [remember the sites Hunt "Prize" Image page is dead] Main thing irksome detail though is that paying for something called a PRIZE is bullshite!
Prize = A thing GIVEN as a reward.
Given = Bestowed as a GIFT
Gift = A thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.
So even a 1 L hunt "prize" is NOT a prize! Perhaps hunt organizers who make you pay should start calling their hunt "prizes", hunt items instead!
Sure setting up hunts and making the items takes time and effort, however, I think the fact that people working through the hunt have to search for the 'prize' and in so doing might find other things for sale they maybe possibly buy, or just generally like the shop and take LM's to visit in the future its a great advertizement for their stores so that should negate the extra 1 -5 L money grab.
1-10 L "prize hunts" are just cheesy ways to get more money for something that should be given freely!
Well that is my rant for today...till next time kiddies stay frosty!

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