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Sunday, 13 April 2014


Greetings Programs!
OK, so I have a semi addictive personality, I freely admit this, and of late my addiction is to evil things called Gacha Machines.
Basically they are scripted machines that people put things they create into, these items can be pretty much anything you imagine, and people play to win them. These machines have odds which are set, and determined, by the designer of the item! The player puts in linden to pull for a chance to win whatever it is they are after, you will always get something for your money... just usually NOT a RARE, most likely you will just get duplicate common ones over and OVER!

Now here are the reasons for this rant....
On more and more occasions you can no longer check wtf the odds on getting a rare will be. Where once you could click on the machine, go into edit and right there in description you could see the odds to win a rare! Now designers who are less greedy motherfuckers would have the odds set at about 10% ... difficult but not insane to get. Then it started to get worse...7% ,5%, even some as low as 4% which is fecking GREEDY AS HELL!
Reason is simple, the lower the odds, the more people will play, and the more money you make having these poor addicted bastards trying to get that rare item...see what I just typed there...I T E M! Most of the older machines had ONE rare item, or no rares at all! Now you can go to any event and find gacha machines set to crazy impossible odds, with 2-4 RARE things and 1 or 2 ULTRA RARE items 0_0  GREEDY COCKSUCKERS!!
Another thing I have been noticing, new machines are being sold, machines which do not let the players wtf the odds have been set to! There is only one reason for this...the people who create things to put in gacha machines do not want the players to know how impossible they have set the odds because you would be less likely to put any linden in a machine with odds set so highly in favour of the designer...once again, the lower the odds are set to win a rare an item, the more times an addict is likely to have to play and more linden for the designer! Elementary!
Another reason for the rant is the cost per play, not surprisingly is going UP!
Used to be 10 L -50 L, consider this...IF the designer puts out a good product they stand to make a HUGE profit due to the addictive nature of people, the multi rare and ultra rare items and the insanely unjust odds they set their machine to. Now they add insult to injury and increase the cost per play ... the one that set me off tonight was a gacha machine advertised for an upcoming event called Kustom9!
8 commons available, no rares, 299L per play.
No way can you justify that feckin outrageous price!!!
Specially when the they are just lame shoes which you can buy full perm version of for 599 L and make as many variations as you like!
Whats that I hear, just don't play them....look up the word ADDICT ok thanks! 
Rant over...for now l0l
Stay frosty