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Thursday, 27 December 2012

People, what a bunch of bastards....

if this latest Christmas season has taught us anything it is that!

Killings everywhere and no end of it insight. Too bad the Mayans weren't correct and we would all have been erased from existence by now. Humans as a whole are a blight on this poor long suffering planet and I am certain that one day it will shake us right off its back!

Over population, pollution, and the pointless deaths over power or which ludicrous religion is correct...sorry guys you are all WRONG, there can be NO GOD in any of those made up works of literature that would allow you to massively slay innocent children in the streets. If you believe there is then I would enjoy reading the last thought your brain processes after some suicide bomber on the other side of your ridiculous crusade blows you up! I'm sure it would go something like this..."WTF is up with this endless dark nothingness?? WHERE ARE MY VIRGINS?"
I would laugh at all of you poor deluded nutbags l0l