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Thursday, 18 July 2013


I love the hive, I love the idea behind it, I just wish it would do more to crush the 1%!
I wish it would bring down all its power on the heads of the ruling classes and make them PAY!
This is my wish of the day!

Friday, 12 July 2013

YAY something more to rant about [there is always something]

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of WTFidy are these tossers thinking!!
Today it is all about these old fucks who think their flexi prim kak is still worth anything!
I came across this one shop in Marketplace and had just had to see for myself in world what they could possible be thinking to still have their garbage designs listed for 599 L for an ugly old flexi dress and, get this...450 L for quite possibly the worst looking pair of boots I have EVER come across in SL but you be the judge ...

Now just in case you doubt me, and cant see the price tag on these beauties I have blown it up from the above picture here it is below...

Now I know you think thats just too hilarious...but WAIT, it gets so much better!
Below is the creators or the creators boyfriends Profile Info

IMPORTANT!!!! please see picks!!!!!!

I am rude and impolite. Take care.

Please don't ask me about credit or discount.
Don't tell me you bought the wrong item or you bought it twice in error.
thats not my fault at all!

If you did not receive your product, please wait a certain time, then send me a notecard including the transaction details.


Well at least the rude motherfucker typed Thanx at the bottom but WTG at setting off the tone for possibly the WORST customer NON service EVER!
Not only is your stuff old flexi shite and wickedly over priced, but you are a real DICK...
yep I'm going to go out of my way to buy from this guy! l0l
Stay frosty people!

My New Header...

I think it fits my nature perfectly!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Complaints...I love them!

Had a message from someone who shall remain nameless, said he can hardly read my posts, oh nuuuuuu o_0
Here is what I have to say to that.... YOU'RE OLD, GET GLASSES! 
Have a nice day!
: ]