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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Ugly...just plain ugly

OK, I was hunting for great mesh avatards so I did a search in marketplace and I found some amazingly HORRID stuff I just had to post about! I figured I would share just 3 of the terrible things people are putting out for sale. I think the most hilarious part about these 3 works of SHITE is the PRICE, its just INSANE! Anyway you be the judge...

Lets start with a general WTF was this person thinking, putting this mess up for sale and seriously how insane are they marking it at this price....
I remind you these crazy prices are for SHAPES ONLY, no skins or clothes!

Next we have an ok(ish) looking avatard for the older set, you know, the ones who max out all sliders for height and reverse the pattern for weight so you are basically left with a bloody pole you can use to pick the crud between your teeth with!

10,999???? FOR A SHAPE???? The worst part about this advert is the fact someone actually paid that INSANE price for it  : /

Lastly, these are two separate shapes but I shall classify them as one since I seriously couldn't tell the difference, only changes I could see were the price and the level of Homo erectus, or lack there of if your sexual inclination is NOT geared to being completely GAY! They both are equally fucked up looking, equally NOT worth the cost, and equally CRAP!

In most cases someone has made a review on these shapes, and in all cases they glowed with praise...this means that they made an alt to buy their own garbage and post a great review because no sane person would think any of this work (and I use that term VERY loosely) is worth 1 L let alone the crazy prices these people are asking for!
Anyway, that's my rant for this week.
Stay frosty!